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The Tomb
Area 2

After lashing out some serious hurting in the guardroom, the adventurers continued on to the next part of the ruined dungeon. They came upon a room that had the appearance of a ruined and vandalized tomb, with four dusty stone coffins. The north and south wall each had four niches, with a rusted suit of armor in the niche nearest to the entrance. The inhabitants had crafted a crude altar to their evil dragon-god Tiamat. In the far end of the room, three kobold skirmishers were observing the intruding adventurers and started to scamper across the room, halting at peculiar moments. The barbarian was very interested in the suits of armor, until he realized they were rusted and of no use to him. Yet, his interest had revealed a secret, hidden firing mechanism in the headpiece of the armor. With a quick shout to his comrades, he alerted them of the unknown danger…

The Sludge Pit
Area 1

Thoradin and Zular entered the dungeon. The room was dominated by a long trench filled with glowing green goo. On the other side was an angered, sling-carrying, reptilian creature. The party pursued it into a room on the other side of the trench. Little did they know that it was the kobolds plan to lead them in an ambush. The Paladin and the Warlord, not being the most perceptive, got caught unaware by two spear carrying kobolds waiting in the darkness. They battled fiercely with the stab-happy little humanoid, trapping the slinger in the corner, giving him no opportunity to use his beloved sling. The Kobold Skirmishers wailed away at the heavily armored dwarf. What the kobolds didn’t expect was the heavy strikes from a goliath barbarian. Kaemo, who was arriving a bit later than his two fellow adventurers struck down the kobold skirmisher that had snuck up behind Zular. The kobolds attacked with anger and viciousness were eventually struck down by the adventurers cold steel. With four kobold dispatched and their ears collected as proof of demise, they continued onwards to the portcullis that stood between them and the next room. Zular, with crossbow in hand, peeked beyond the bars of the steel gate, to see a single kobold slinger beside a lever. He aimed and shot after the kobold, but missed him. The kobold loaded a rock into his sling and retaliated. The rest of the party gathered around the gate to identify the ruckus that was going on. The barbarian called upon his primal strength in an attempt to break open the portcullis, but failed in doing so. The stout paladin attempted to intimidate the kobold into pulling the lever, by threatening to do to him what they had done to his comrades. The kobold was weak in will and opened the gate. The barbarian struck the kobold down, knowing that the small humanoids could not be trusted to keep their words.

The party ventured on to the next room…

Kobold Hall pictures
Kobold Hall pictures danish pastry

Kobold Hall - Area 1

Area 1 Kobold Hall - Area 1

Area 1 Kobold Hall - Area 1

Area 1 Kobold Hall - Area 2

area 2

Kobold Hall
The Adventure Begins...

The party, made up of the Dwarven Paladin Thoradin, the Minotaur Warlord Zular and the Goliath Barbarian Kaemo. They undertook several quests from the townspeople of Fallcrest. They were tasked to clear out kobolds by the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, and to bring proof of their complete destruction, such as the bone mask of the kobold leader. The Dwarf Armorer Teldorthan Goldcap asked the party to retrieve a green dragon hide that had been stolen by the kobold in a wagon raid. Lastly they were contacted by the High Septarch of Fallcrest, Nimozaran the Green. He beleives the kobolds to be too organized and aggresive, compared to others he has fought in the past. He tasked them to enter the creatures lair and discover the secret of Kobold Hall.

What happens now is up to the brave adventurers…


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