Danish Pastry

The Tomb

Area 2

After lashing out some serious hurting in the guardroom, the adventurers continued on to the next part of the ruined dungeon. They came upon a room that had the appearance of a ruined and vandalized tomb, with four dusty stone coffins. The north and south wall each had four niches, with a rusted suit of armor in the niche nearest to the entrance. The inhabitants had crafted a crude altar to their evil dragon-god Tiamat. In the far end of the room, three kobold skirmishers were observing the intruding adventurers and started to scamper across the room, halting at peculiar moments. The barbarian was very interested in the suits of armor, until he realized they were rusted and of no use to him. Yet, his interest had revealed a secret, hidden firing mechanism in the headpiece of the armor. With a quick shout to his comrades, he alerted them of the unknown danger…



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