Have you ever heard the tales of the Danish Pastry?

No? I’m not surprised. Most of those stories have been lost in time, and only a handful have been remembered… Well, there was this one time…

We are a new gaming group, based in Denmark. Our game is not “teh hardcorez”, we only play for fun.

The Setting

A troop of eager adventurers, the Danish Pastry sets out in a world where evil has taken root, attempting to right wrongs, save damsels in distress, slay monsters – and get all the gold.

The group has recently earned renown for eliminating a band of thieving, rampaging kobolds, who had taken place in an abandoned dungeon. They cleaned out in the halls, took what little loot there was to find, decapitated their snowy dragon leader, mounted his head in the market square, and was hailed as heroes by the townsfolk of Fallcrest.

Last anyone heard of them, they were traveling to the town of Winterhaven, in search of information on an evil cult, rumored to exist in the area.

Danish Pastry

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